Light my Fire - Fire'n Grill - Mini grill grate for the campfire

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Do you want fire? With this set it always works. No matter where, what weather and at what altitude, with the LMF Fire Lighting Kit you are guaranteed to succeed. Our trademarked Swedish FireSteel fire starter is made from a durable magnesium alloy that produces 3,000°C hot sparks. A safe and reliable lighter for gas stoves and barbecue pits used by Boy Scouts and the Army. Tinder-on-a-Rope is an eco-friendly natural fire starter with 80% resin content that burns even when wet. A strong and long-lasting glow, completely without chemical additives. Included is Grandpa's FireFork, a compact grill fork made of stainless steel with transport protection made of bio-based plastic. Perfect for campfires and barbecues. Just find a stick and off you go.

Deine Vorteile:

  • Komplettes Set
  • Leicht transportierbar
  • Swedish FireSteel® BIO Scout: Funktioniert auch bei Regen und Wind
  • Langlebig, bis zu 3.000 Zündungen
  • Grandpa´s FireFork BIOTM: Intelligentes Design hält Lebensmittel sicher an ihrem Platz
  • Tinder-on-a-RopeTM: Leicht zu entzünden, auch bei Nässe
  • INKLUSIVE Mini-Grill fürs Lagerfeuer


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Light my Fire - Fire&